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I hadn't been to the dentist for 17 years because I was absolutely terrified of the idea of a dentist, the smell, needles and what a terrible state my mouth might be in. It was ridiculous really, because in every other area of life I'm confident, but the very thought of going to the dentist had me hiding behind the sofa and getting the sweats. Alan was recommended to me by a friend who had been nearly as frightened as me and I was 'hand-held' there by my partner for the first few visits. Now I go on my own, and while the dentist will never be something I look forward to, at least I am on track now and am over my 'dentalphobia'.
And by the way the hygienist is just great.

JM - Battersea

I was always dead scared of going to the dentist, but Dr. Bookey has taken such good care of me, and is so nice about everything, that I actually enjoy going to the dentist now. I love the virtual reality glasses he lets me wear while he does whatever needs doing to my teeth.

N.Davies - NW London

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